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There is no denying that a manipulated reality is what many people today seek or face in media, everyday life and fiction too (movies, TV series, news channels, newspapers, magazines, social networks and so on).
In representing and feeding the audience with shapes of body explicitly altered and distorted in a urban, sometimes historical scenarios I try to create an uncanny feeling and reaction in the spectators, and as a matter of fact some found the images disturbing, some other fascinating: who can say if our immediate future will be like this, with a multitude of FaceLess or deFaced mindless bipolar consumers from both sides of the coin -  portrayed in the images and mirrored by the viewers - that will be no more able to discern reality from the virtual world? And what is the most popular social network, a gigantic selfie machine, without the face? What if not a good old dear text book, like the character-only internet of its early days? All in all, I try to wipe off the most recognizable ideal beauty spot - the face - from my images, to create a mood of subtle anxiety, estrangement which is precisely what lies beneath the comfortable appearance of modern society.
Because all together we would be able to change the face of this world for good. Until then, my images will be FaceLess or deFaced.
I am a passionate photographer + photo-illustrator in my mid fifties. In everyday life I consider myself an animal liberation advocate, and I live with many of them (and with my beloved wife Rita).  
I live in Rome, Italy.  
I make use, for a precise choice, of whatever camera I can grab my hands on (usually entry-level models), and digitally elaborate the pictures with a circa-year-2000 app and/or cheap finishing software on an old PC.
I am an Effettista (member of the Italian art movement Effettismo).
Some infos:

Images shot in studio...
I love to take pictures in a controlled environment i.e. in studio.
...and on location
But at the same time I admit to give great value to images shot on location.
Skills on portraits
Whatever the set is, a portrait is my genre.
Other genres
Landscape? Did I say landscape?
What matters:

A good eye.
The foundation of any image.
Beauty is nature.
As Keats would have written of. Darkness is mine, though.
Appropriate gear.
Not everything, but important nevertheless.
Digital photography.
A great advancement in fine art, all things considered.
The light.
Quality and texture of light, is all what is fundamental for amazing results.
It is a tough matter, but unleashes the power of imagination.
A photographer and photoillustrator in Rome, Italy.

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